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Scrum: Capturing the impediments in a board that everybody can see

Impediments are one of the critical items that you expect team members to bring up during the Daily Scrum. They provide an update on what they have done, what is pending to be done, and that is great for the team to know, but they are also expected to list down any obstacles that they are running into. When the team is working effectively, you know that obstacles that they run into which are in the nature of stuff that they can solve on their own (such as when they run into a design or architectural issue, or a dependency issue, or something similar); they get into discussions with the person(s) who can help them solve this problem and get to a solution. That way, they try to solve the obstacle when they run into it rather than wait for the Daily Scrum meeting to talk about the problems.
However, there can be a host of other problems that they face which are not solvable by the team members, and hence they need to raise these impediments to the Scrum Master in the Daily Scrum meeting. For example, some of these could be organizational issues, some could be issues where they need help from another team or have a dependency on another team, and so on and so forth. Hence, they raise these issues in the Daily Scrum meeting with the confidence that the Scrum Master will work to resolve these issues. Now, some of these issues could be critical very quickly, such as a dependency which is blocking work for a team member; others could be ones that are needed but don’t need to be resolved tomorrow, such as organizational issues. However, the Scrum Master does need to fix all of these, but subject to the priority as described above.
The Scrum master also needs to ensure that the team has full confidence in him or her, and one of the ways that something like this can happen is by showing the current status of the various impediments. An easy way to do that is by setting up a large board where such impediments can be tracked. This board will be visible during the Daily Scrum meeting and otherwise as well, but it will keep quiet during the Daily Scrum meeting. As team members list out impediments, the Scrum Master would take a note of it and put them down on the board after the meeting is over, and also provide updates on the board before the Daily Status meeting. So, even of the impediments are not yet resolved, or some of them really do not get resolved, the team knows that the Scrum Master is on them and these will get resolved. Impediments that have been resolved can be removed from the board so that it does not get too cluttered.

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