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Scrum: When to hold the Daily Scrum meeting – first thing in the morning, or when ?

This is another of those topics on which you can get a lot of discussions ongoing, and with no exact statement of fact. The only fact that seems to emerge from all the literature that I have read, and all the different people who I have talked to is that there is no exact defined […]

Scrum: Ensuring impediments are resolved effectively as a part of Daily Scrum meeting

The Daily Scrum meeting is a meeting where the Scrum team meets on a daily basis on every working day, with the meeting supposed to be brief. It is meant for quick updates from each team member to the other members of the team on the following topics: – What is the status of their […]

Scrum: Ensuring the Daily Scrum meeting does not become a casual chat kind of meeting

This is one of the problems that I have seen people discussing after teams have been implementing Scrum for some time, and have started getting casual about it. The Daily Scrum meeting is a meeting occurring on a daily basis where the team gets together for a brief period of time (most teams try to […]

Scrum: Don’t push scrum to a team without their having bought into it ..

This one seems very obvious, so why write such a post ? After all, if the team management and other senior manages decide that Scrum is being adopted by many teams and over a period of time, there is improvement in productivity and the number of features that have been generated by teams that have […]