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Daily Scrum: Avoid having anyone type on a computer in the meeting

The Daily Scrum meeting is one of the most important meetings that happen for teams that are using the Scrum based development methodology. It is a meeting where the team come together for a quick period of time to share their updates with each other and also figure out if there are any issues that are blocking them. The following happens in a Daily Scrum meeting where teams report the following:
– They point out what tasks they have updated since the previous such meeting
– They point out tasks that they will do till the next such meeting
– They also point out any issues or impediments that are blocking them in some way or causing them problems (some impediments may not be immediately blocking, but still need some sort of resolution)
In the meeting, one of the important items is that the team provide their updates to each other rather than to a single person. This is a problem in many cases since the Scrum Master could a senior manager and it is the natural inclination of the team members to talk to the Scrum Master rather than to each other. This is something that is needed to be avoided, this is not a meeting where the team is providing a status update to a person such as a Scrum Master, rather they talk to each other. In many teams, there is a need to ensure that this principle is maintained; the concept of a team organization where there is a central dominant figure is something that is very natural and teams revert back to that kind of structure. So, the team needs to take a number of steps to ensure that it does not seem like the Scrum Master is the dominant figure.
Some of these steps include ensuring that the Scrum Master looks away if people look towards him or her when they speak, re-emphasizing to the team that the Scrum Master is not running the meeting and is not the dominant figure of the meeting and so on. There are other measures that are not so direct that can be used for this purpose. One of them is the instinct about everybody else sitting around the table and either providing updates or listening to the other providing updates. However, everybody turns towards the person who is typing away on a keyboard of a laptop and it seems like the updates are again being given to the Scrum Master (even if the Scrum Master is just doing it for the purpose of taking notes and the impediments that are provided by the team in the Daily Scrum meeting).
So, when the Scrum Master feels that this is the case, one option is to move away from doing typing as and when people are providing their updates; the Scrum Master could take notes in a paper since that makes far less noise or use a voice recorder to ensure that all the information provided in the meeting is recorded.

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