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Scrum: When to hold the Daily Scrum meeting – first thing in the morning, or when ?

This is another of those topics on which you can get a lot of discussions ongoing, and with no exact statement of fact. The only fact that seems to emerge from all the literature that I have read, and all the different people who I have talked to is that there is no exact defined time for the Daily Scrum meeting, it needs to happen at whatever time the Scrum team is comfortable with. But, there are caveats (like there are for many items of discussion).
– For teams which are new to Scrum, they really don’t have a comfortable time right away, and it makes sense for them to take advice from others. If they were to ask me, I would keep it simple and tell them to set it up for a time early in the morning, early enough that there are not too many activities happening before the meeting, and yet not early enough that people are discomfited just appearing there.
– Once teams have some comfort level with the meeting or already experienced, then it makes sense for the team to decide the best time for the meeting. The only caveat is when the team is fine with any choice (or can’t come to a decision) and leaves it upto the Scrum Master to set the time of the meeting and also book the meeting rooms and other conferencing details for the meeting.
– This concept about first thing in the morning does not work if the team is spread globally, since in that case, a time needs to be set which works for everybody from all over. However, it may not totally possible that a comfortable time would be found for everybody, in which case there would be the need for some compromises to happen; further, it may be necessary for some of these compromises to be shared over the team from time to time (what this means is that everybody gets discomfited at different points of time – people in one geography get uncomfortable times for a month or so, and then others get uncomfortable times for the next month or so.
– However, there is no hard and fast rule that the meeting only needs to happen first thing in the morning. The concept behind this was that the teams will discuss their tasks with each other before they actually start doing their tasks, but the Daily Scrum meeting could happen near lunch if that is what the team wants and is comfortable with. It is for the team to ensure that this does not disturb them. For example, I knew a team which would have the meeting around noon, and I had a chat with the Scrum Master on this one. He had actually tries to persuade the team to have these meetings earlier, but they were fine with having the meeting around noon, and since the Scrum Master believed that the team was the one whose opinion should be taken in such matters, that was the time on which the Daily Scrum meeting would happen. I checked after around 3 months, and the team was comfortable having the meeting at noon, and it did work fine for them.

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