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Scrum: Trying to track the velocity at an individual basis

It has long been stated that if you want to figure out how to improve the productivity of the team, you need to look at tracking the productivity of each team member, looking at places where their productivity can be improved. This is also related to tracking their actual work taken against estimates that they […]

Product Backlog Grooming: Should the entire team attend ?

The Product Backlog grooming session is a session where the team along with the Scrum Master and the Product Owner get together in an attempt to go through the User Stories where there is not enough clarity, or where there are liable to many questions or complexity, and ensuring that some level of agreement and […]

Product Backlog Grooming: Some problems (or disadvantages) that may crop up ..

Product Backlog Grooming is a way to ensure that the team spends the required time (the team means the Scrum team along with the Product Owner and the Scrum Master) on preparing, reviewing and refining the User Stories. It is the common perception that the User Stories are prepared by the Product Owner, and that […]

Product Backlog Grooming: When to schedule during the Sprint

The Sprint is the over-riding cycle during the entire cycle. The schedule is broken up into multiple Sprints (of a desired time duration for each Sprint) and the work to be done during each Sprint (and the following Sprints) is decided by the Product Owner in terms of a prioritized Product Backlog. In the Sprint […]