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Scrum: Some queries on when team member does not attend Daily Scrum regularly

One of the most common questions that come from Scrum Masters when there is a meeting of Scrum Masters across the organization is about team members not attending Scrum. The scrum masters have teams with team members who are quite happy with using Scrum and attend the Daily Scrum regularly; then there are the team members (typically more senior people) who are somewhat cynical about the whole Scrum thing, but do their job while treating Scrum as another fad that their managers have thought of (but they really don’t cause any problems during the Scrum process); and then there are the ones who do cause problems – they don’t like the time spent in the Daily Scrum meeting and if there is any possible alternative, they avoid the Daily Scrum meeting. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers that can be given for these folks who are not attending the Daily Scrum, and it works out better just by having a right set of questions posed to the Scrum Master and the Scrum team. These questions typically help in deriving some information that could help in changing the attitude or figuring out the right question to ask:
– Whether they have been through the right training ?
– Whether they are from another team which has had a bad experience during their Scrum implementation ?
– Do these folks believe that they are not getting any value out of the Daily Scrum meeting ? Has this been discussed within the Scrum team ?
– Do these folks somehow not work well with the team, or are feeling excluded and that would be the reason whey they are avoiding the meeting ?
– Does the team really have the authority that is supposed to go with the Scrum team ? If not, then the person may be feeling that there is no real reason to have the Daily Scrum ?
– Is the Daily Scrum being held properly ? Or is the Daily Scrum being held like a status meeting with somebody else running the meeting ?
– Has the team done an internal discussion where the team members have discussed what is happening in the Daily Scrum and tried to understand the reasons why the person is not attending the Daily Scrum meeting on a regular basis ?
– Is the person getting over-loaded on work other than Scrum, and hence not feeling the urgency to attend the Daily Scrum vs. other work that is also needed to be done on an equally urgent basis ?
– Has this item ever been discussed in a team retrospective, trying to determine whether the value to be determined in the Daily Scrum is not there ?

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