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Product Backlog Grooming: Items can change in the actual Sprint

The idea of a Product Backlog Grooming meeting is that the meeting happens on a regular basis, the meeting allows a discussion between the Product Owner and the Scrum team over features and User Stories that are typically meant for the next couple of Sprints. Consider a Sprint Planning meeting where the Product Owner details […]

Product Backlog Grooming – making attendance voluntary for team members

I have put in a number of previous posts that talk about Backlog Product Grooming, but this post is different. Some of the feedback I have received talks about a process where the Backlog Product Grooming is not a meeting where the entire Scrum team attends, instead attendance is voluntary. The major difference in this […]

Product Backlog Grooming – Estimates can change during the Sprint Planning

This is yet another situation that could cause a problem with the whole process of the Product Backlog Grooming, unless it has been communicated well with the team. During an ideal Product Backlog Grooming (if there is such a thing as an ideal Backlog Grooming process), the Product Owner would prepare the User Stories for […]