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Getting infrastructure done in the first couple of Sprints

Just because a project is being done using the Scrum methodology does not mean that some of the regular work that needs to happen in a project will not happen. Whether you do Waterfall or Scrum, or some other Agile methodology, a lot of the initial work for the project will need to happen and […]

Scrum: Potentially shippable at Sprint end ? Truly ?

There is always a dichotomy between theory and practice (or is there for most teams). One of the prime examples that I have seen in several Scrum teams is about this concept of the end product of each Sprint cycle fitting a term called being ‘potentially shippable’. During the training, and the literature, and articles […]

Scrum implementation – making sure that everybody is bought in

This situation can happen many times, and the problems that come up follow a similar pattern, and yet people just don’t learn. Why starting a post on such a pessimistic tone ? Well, I was looking at the experiences of some teams with regard to Scrum, and there was the familiar problem of the Scrum […]

Introducing new concepts to the Scrum team – discuss, discuss

There are certain concepts that take a lot of time to seep through, especially when all previous experience has been on one type of methodology. For those who have long experiences of working on Waterfall or other methods, getting into being comfortable with the usage of Scrum is easier said than done. One comes across […]