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Getting evaluation from new team about usefulness of Scrum

When a team, that has been working using the traditional Waterfall software development model switches over to the Scrum development methodology, it is a big change. It needs training, some hand holding and some initial periods when the team may not be so effective till it starts getting into its stride and shows an increase in productivity. The changes, especially with relation to the responsibilities of individual team members and also with regard to the role of managers can take learning and getting used to.
We have seen many Scrum teams after transitioning, and one key recommendation made on that basis is about a team taking the time to evaluate where they are after a couple of Sprint cycles. This is separate from the Sprint end review meetings; the objective of this evaluation is to understand how the team is working as a Scrum team. Ideally, this should be done along with a Scrum coach in the form of an open discussion with the team members and the managers can talk about their roles, their thoughts about how the process is working and recommendations that they have about the process based on their current experience. At the end of all, the Scrum coach could take them through their various thoughts, their perceptions, try and see whether other members of the team could either agree or provide differing points (and it is important that this be done by the team members rather than by the Scrum coach, since the team member can be more persuasive if they are correct; the Scrum coach would step in if the entire discussion is going in a wrong discussion or the team members are confused).
How often do you need to do something like this ? We would recommend that this kind of discussion be done once only, since it is essentially for the team to figure out how they are working, to evaluate the problems in understanding of any team member and figure out whether they are working fine or not. If the team comes to an agreement that there are issues that need the help of an expert to understand / resolve, then the Scrum coach can be brought in to provide expertise, but with the team running the discussion (if there is a need for a Scrum coach at multiple points, then the team has not really got into the mode of understanding how Scrum works).
What happens when a team does not try to do an evaluation for their understanding about Scrum once the team has started working on Scrum ? Well, nothing earth-shaking, no falling down of the roof. However, if some team member has a flawed understanding of how Scrum works even after working on Scrum and this understanding has not been corrected, there can be some problems later (this all sounds a bit vague, but when team members have different understandings about responsibilities and process and these are not corrected, the result typically is not good). At the same time however, the Sprint end review might help in clearing perceptions and understanding about issues and processes.
Given that the time involved and the effort involved about having such a mid-term meeting to evaluate understanding of Scrum is not all that difficult, teams would find it leading to an enhanced productivity if they actually had this kind of meeting and people were able to ensure they had all their doubts or wrong understanding cleared.

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