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What is a check sum?

– Hash sum or check sum can be defined as the small sized datum that has been computed using a block of digital block chosen arbitrarily. – Check sums are used in the purpose of error detection. – During the transmission or storage of the data, the errors might have crept in. – At any […]

What is meant by memory management?

Memory management is about managing the memory of the computer system.

“Providing ways for the dynamic allocation of the memory blocks to the applications when they request for it and freeing these blocks after use so that they can be again used by some other processes forms an essential part of the memory management concept”. […]

The overlay concept in memory management

Memory is a vital element and central also. Memory can be thought of as an array of many locations having their own addresses.

About Memory Management

– The processes interact with each other through a sequence of read and write operations at the specific address spaces. – The program is fetched by the operating […]

What Are MPLS Networks? How do they work?

About Multi–Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Networks

– MPLS or the Multi–Protocol label switching is the mechanism behind the high performance of the telecommunications networks that we use today. – The purpose of this mechanism is directing the data from one node of the network to the next one as per what are called the short […]