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Power of the Scrum Master in terms of making decisions – Part 7

A few days back, there was a discussion whereby a colleague (who was the Scrum Master of a Scrum team) had been asked by Senior Management about the apparent tardy performance of the team (this was a team new to Scrum and had been in the second Sprint cycle, with each cycle being of 1 […]

How is unit testing done in extreme programming?

What is Extreme Programming?

– Extreme programming is counted as one of the finest agile software development methodologies. – Extreme programming has proved to be a great methodology when it comes to making improvements in the software products as well as projects. – It has also been known for its quick responsiveness towards the changing […]

What is an agile life cycle?

Software development programs implementing the ideas of agile manifesto as well as agile techniques (like data base re-factoring, TDD or test driven design, agile change management and so on) are often demanded by the clients. The problem is that the scope of the life cycle is ever changing depending on the person to person. Some […]

Do Scrum of Scrums meetings add value to the project – Part 2

In the previous post (Scrum of Scrums), we started discussing about what the Scrum of Scrums meeting is all about. In today’s post, we shall discuss more about the Scrum of Scrums meeting. This is a meeting that is typically not meant to be a kind of mega-status meeting, being meant to be a technical […]