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What is portability testing?

What is meant by Portability?

– Portability of a device or a software component can be defined as its capability or ease with which it can be shifted to a new environment. – Portability testing is a testing technique that tests this capability or ease of the device or a software component. – Portability is […]

Myth: if the software is tested then it must be bug free

There is a myth that if the software is tested then it must be bug free but the reality is mentioned below.

Reality: – This is a very common myth which clients, project managers and the management team believe in. – No one can say with absolute certainty that a software application is 100 percent […]

What is bottom-up integration testing?

– When the testing is carried out after combining the individual modules in to groups, it is called integration testing. – This testing is carried out after the completion of the unit testing but before proceeding with the validation testing. – The units that have been successful in the unit testing are taken as input […]

About International Standard IEEE 829

– IEEE 829 standard is also referred to as the 829 standard for the software and system test documentation. – This IEEE standard has been created for specifying the form of the documents set that can be used in the 8 defined stages of the software testing life cycle. – In each stage of the […]