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What is an Iterative Model? What are the phases in iterative model?

Iterative model is a representation of a combination of both iterative method and incremental build model. Both these development methodologies together make up the iterative model. With the iterative model, it has been possible to have more than one iterations of software development at the same time. The approach thus followed by this model is […]

Testing Start Process – Requirement Analysis

Software testing life cycle (STLC) and software development life cycle (SDLC) are interrelated processes i.e., development of the product without testing is of no point. There are 4 phases of the testing start process namely: 1. Requirements analysis 2. Design 3. Programming and construction and 4. Operation and maintenance

Here, we discuss about the first […]

Some details about Software Configuration Management?

What is Software Configuration management?

– It is an art of coordinating the development of software in order to minimize confusion. – It is an umbrella activity applied throughout the process. – It identifies, controls, audits and reports the changes that occur during the development of software.

What are different elements of Configuration Management?

– […]

Overview of Formal Methods – Foundation for analysis methods

Formal methods provide a foundation for specification environments leading to analysis models that are more complete, consistent, and unambiguous than those produced using conventional or object-oriented methods. The descriptive facilities of set theory and logic notation enable a software engineer to create a clear statement of facts.

The underlying concepts that govern formal methods are […]