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The compromise between having a Product Owner who tries to detail out too much ..

Scrum suffers from problems where you have a Product Owner role that needs to have a person who has understood the role in good detail. In a lot of cases, just transitioning the role from that of a regular Product Management role to that of a Product Owner role takes some amount of getting used […]

Discord between the Scrum team and the Product Owner on the feature list priority

This particular post is more of an opinion rather than a stated part of the process (as far as the discussion that I have had with several Scrum Masters has led me to believe). The Scrum process outlines a role for the Product Owner to define the features of the product, and also to determine […]

Product Development – Actual Kickoff of Development Effort

During every product development cycle, there are 2 distinct stages that you reach in the cycle. There is an initial phase when the planning happens, and there is a later stage when the actual work happens with respect to the actual design and development effort. These are very broad level definitions, with many details and […]