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What are the types of functional testing?

– Functional testing involves testing the system’s functional requirements and gives a measure as to how well the system is executing its functions. – These are inclusive of data manipulation and searches, user commands, business processes, integration, user screens and so on. – Functional specifications are provided by the clients that are used in testing. […]

What is meant by Exploratory Testing?

Exploratory testing is one of the testing methodologies which have recently gained popularity. The methodology of the exploratory testing is closely related with the concept of simultaneous learning, designing the test and executing it. Thus, we can say that in exploratory testing 3 processes go hand in hand.

– Exploratory testing was introduced in […]

What are the knowledge requirements for Database Testing?

It has been a widely questioned topic that what are the knowledge requirements for a tester to perform data base testing? Well, this depends largely on what the software system or product is. – It is required that the testers should be savvy with using the product just like the real world users who are […]