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What are elements of wireless networks?

Wireless networks also have certain elements. In the telecommunications network, a number of elements called the wire-line network elements are present at the physical layer of the OSI model. These network elements might be either of the following: – Stand alone systems or – Products supplied either assembled by the system integrator or the service […]

Trying to optimize on the number of test cases needed for a patch – Part 1

During the course of a product release, there are a large number of test cases that are written dealing with the functionality that is there in the product. Typically, when dealing with a product for which a new version has been released, there will be a lot of functionality that has been carried through from […]

Deciding the big set of features when planning a new version of a software

When planning a new version of a software product, the initial timeframe is very critical for determining the future of that version. It is a time which requires a great product manager, and I have seen cases where a weak or a so-so Product Manager can screw up the entire release of the software product. […]

Not pushing the team too hard – a fine balance that can be easy to miss – Part 5 ..

In this series of posts (previous post about compensation disparities), I have been talking about the problems that caused our team, which had improved its productivity levels to become one of the most productive teams, to start raising objections to being pushed for the work that they were doing. So far, during the analysis that […]