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Scrum – Evaluating estimates when the Product Owner seeks to add new items during the Sprint

Many of you would have seen something like this. The Sprint has started, there are items that have been estimated and the Daily Scrum stand-up meetings are happening, and everything seems to be going right. And guess what, this is the time when the Product Owner comes in and basically says that there are some […]

Scrum: Smaller size makes a team that works together and more capable of self-organizing

Scrum teams are typically kept at a size of around 6-9 team members, and it is recommended that if the number of people in the team grows larger, then the team need to be split into multiple teams. This was a topic of discussion within the Scrum Masters in the team. We had read about […]

Estimation: Keeping track of whether people tend to over- or under-promise ..

At the start of every cycle, one of the most critical tasks that a team takes on is about getting a list of features ready for the cycle. So, for this purpose, the Product Manager has a list of features in a specific order of importance (how these features are prioritized is a different post […]

Using tools that works best for the team rather than searching for one size fits all in terms of tools ..

There is often conflict between senior management and the team members over the tools that are used for the project, in terms of what the tool offers and the ease of use of the tool. My typical experience with these 2 different sets of stakeholders is that team management looks for a tool that has […]