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Scrum: Have a coach for the initial period of time and then evaluate whether coach is needed

A lot of teams have adopted the Scrum based development model. Now, there are a few processes that are intrinsic to Scrum, but some of the key properties that distinguish Scrum from Waterfall and other development models are: – The team is empowered and decision making happens from the team, not from a Project Manager […]

Getting a manager of a Scrum team to be more like a coach rather than a taskmaster ..

This is a topic that I have heard enough about from members of Scrum teams. In informal conversations where the managers are not present, the biggest problem that these team members recount is that they are given training that being in a Scrum team provides them empowerment, the ability to decide on the work to […]

Some of the properties to look for in a Scrum coach – Part 6

In this series of posts (Finding a Scrum coach), I am trying to post some points about what you should look for when trying to hire a Scrum coach. I have covered a lot of such points in the previous 5 posts in this series, and in this post, will post a few more points […]

Some of the properties to look for in a Scrum coach – Part 3

In 2 previous posts, I have been mentioning some of the properties you should be looking for in a Scrum Coach (Which Scrum coach to hire). In this post, I will provide some more inputs on how to hire the best Scrum coach for your organization. – A good Scrum coach will be ready to […]