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What is meant by line coverage/ statement coverage/ code coverage? How is it calculated?

Line coverage, statement coverage, code coverage!! Though these three terms sound different, they are one and the same thing. So please don’t get confused between them. Throughout this article we will be discussing this, and we will be using the common term “code coverage” for all three. From the term itself we can make out […]

What is meant by branch coverage or decision coverage? How is it calculated?

Code Coverage is a very important aspect when it comes to testing, although a number of people may not even have heard about it. It should not be ignored, instead attempts should be made to incorporate it as part of processes. There are practical difficulties – it requires a great deal of effort to understand […]

Code coverage tools

So you have decided that you need to ensure that your software development cycle has code coverage, and want to move ahead. In addition to making sure that team members have awareness about the principles and about the methods used, another important decision is about the tools to use. There are a wide variety of […]

How important is 100% code coverage ?

It can be hard to achieve 100% code coverage, and there are a number of proponents who do not believe in going the extra bit it takes to achieve that. There are people who do not feel comfortable unless they reach a 100% code coverage, and are passionate about it. What are some of the […]