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What are concurrent processes? What are different forms of concurrency?

In Concurrent computing, the programs are viewed and designed as a collection of computational processes that are interactive enough with each other and so are capable being executed in parallel. – The major characteristic of these programs is that they can be very well executed on the same processor. – The processes involved are also […]

How is wireless network classified?

With the evolving technology, the wireless networks have also evolved. But how they are classified? The wireless networks can be classified in 3 major ways:

1. Based upon the infrastructure 2. Based upon mobility 3. Based upon the network’s size Classification based up on Infrastructure

Wireless networks falling under this category are: 1. The infrastructure […]

Explain Operating System Interface OSI Layer 3 – Network Layer

Layer number 3 in the OSI model is the network layer. – This is the one that provides procedural as well as functional means required for the transfer of data sequences with varying lengths from and to different hosts in different networks. – Unlike data link layer that interconnects the hosts within a network, the […]