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Some details about Software Configuration Management?

What is Software Configuration management?

– It is an art of coordinating the development of software in order to minimize confusion. – It is an umbrella activity applied throughout the process. – It identifies, controls, audits and reports the changes that occur during the development of software.

What are different elements of Configuration Management?

– […]

Ensuring that the entire team is involved in major feature discussions and decisions – Part 2

In the previous post in this series (email communication and teams), I started the discussion related to how, in a previous organization, there was not enough involvement of critical team members, such as the QE team, when decisions were being made or they were in progress. In this post, I will talk more about this […]

Make sure that you plan some of the logistics around your Scrum implementation – else you can get tripped up

People worry a lot about their Scrum implementation, in terms of ensuring that their people have got the required training, that some of the obvious pain points have been resolved, and in some cases, that a Scrum coach has been put in place. Over a period of time, getting hold of some of the issues […]

Scrum problem – when there are multiple Product Owners for the project, and they do not coordinate well

The problem that I am describing in this post does not happen for a large number of projects, where you have teams of around 5 – 10 people, with one Scrum team, and one Product Owner. In teams of this size, everything is self-contained and the team does not have any dependencies that cannot be […]