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What is symmetric-key encryption?

Public key encryption is a part of the public key cryptography. There are two types of public key encryption namely:

Symmetric key encryption and Asymmetric key encryption.

In this article we focus up on the former type i.e., the symmetric key encryption.

– Symmetric key encryption is done using the symmetric – key algorithms. […]

What is public-key encryption?

A cryptographic system requires two individual keys and is commonly called as the public-key cryptography. These two keys are:

Public key The secret key

– There exists a mathematical link between these two keys even though they are different. – Out of these, one is used for encrypting or locking the plain text and other […]

What is Data Encryption Standard (DES)?

– The Data Encryption Standard or DES is an algorithm that is used for the encryption of the electronic data that was earlier pre–dominant. – The advancement and sophistication of the modern cryptography has been highly influenced by the data encryption standard. – This algorithm was developed in the year of 1970 at the IBM. […]

What is a digital signature?

About Digital Signature

– Digital signature plays an important role in the field of cryptography. – It is used in digital certificates. – It can be defined as a mathematical scheme used in the demonstration of the authenticity of a document or a digital message. – A digital signature is included so that the receiver […]