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Ensuring video conferencing as part of global Daily Scrum

And of course, this is not restricted only to the Daily Scrum meeting, but other meetings as well where interaction between teams located globally is required. A Daily Scrum is supposed to be a quick meeting, where the attendees of the meeting quickly lay down what has happened since the previous meeting, what will happen […]

Work started on a story, but constraints pop-up during the work ?

This can happen fairly easily. You would think that you have planned tasks to a great degree during initial planning of these tasks, and work has started; but it is a bit impractical to think that for all tasks, the task will go fully as expected. You would come across a situation once in a […]

Daily Scrum meeting – Does one need to have it standing (why not sitting) ?

In the previous post on this topic (Getting everyone to stand in the Daily Scrum meeting), I had outlined a philosophy that a large number of teams follow for the Daily Scrum meeting. The philosophy was simple – when you have a Daily Scrum meeting, it would be a stand-up meeting where everybody who attends […]

Daily Scrum meeting – Should one have it standing ?

A number of teams call the Daily Scrum meeting as a stand-up meeting, thus making it clear about their preference that the meeting attendees be all standing up (even if they are present in a well equipped meeting room with nice comfy chairs). The idea is that having everybody stand in the meeting makes it […]