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What are major elements of Core Architecture Data Model?

What is Core Architecture Data Model?

– Core architecture data model is the DoDAF’s data model which it uses for defining the data entities of the architecture including their attributes and relationships among them. – The grammar is essentially specified for the community. – This model consists of a set containing verbs, nouns and adjectives […]

What is Core Architecture Data Model?

– CADM or Core Architecture Data Model can be defined as a logical data model in the context of enterprise architecture. – This logical data model is concerned with the information regarding the description and building of the architectures. – CADM is counted among the common data base schema which are already defined in the […]

What is an Object-Role Model?

A big challenge is posed by the information sharing when it comes to taking commands and controlling the real as well as virtual world enterprises. There are number of formats in which the information is shared and it may or may not have declarative semantics. A partial answer to this problem is provided by the […]

What is a data model theory?

What is a Data Model?

– A data model of high level in any functional area or business can be considered to be an abstract model. – It helps in the documentation and organization of the business data in order to establish a communication link among the technical and functional people. – It also represents […]