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Using a common bug database and defining some common rules for all stakeholders – Part 2

This is a series of posts on using a bug/defect database as part of the project development process. Having such a database and having processes defined for the usage of such a database is very important, else you end up getting into a lot of frustration. In the previous post of this series (Using a […]

Using a common bug database and defining some common rules for all stakeholders – Part 1

Once a team is involved in the development process, one of the most critical aspects of the entire process is that of handling the bug/defect flow. In simple terms, the flow is something like this – A defect is found by somebody who is doing the testing, – The defect is then logged along with […]

Give the characteristics of cloud network?

Cloud computing refers of using the computer resources whether hardware or software that are made available as a service over internet (or any other network). The term got its name from the fact that a cloud like symbol is used for representing the complex infrastructure it is made up of in the system diagrams. The […]

What is a persistent data structure?

What are Persistent Data Structures?

– Persistent data structures hold a great importance in the field of computing. – These are the data structures which are capable of retaining their previous version even after being modified. – These data structures are effective and highly immutable. – Immutable is their capability to generate a new updated […]