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What is Data Format Description Language (DFDL)?

What is Data Format Description Language developed?

– DFDL or Data Format Description Language was originally known as the open grid forum. – Presently, it is defined as a modeling language that is used to give a description of general text as well as binary data in a standardized way. – Using a data format […]

What is RAD model? What are phases in RAD model?

RAD or rapid application development is a recent methodology introduced in the field of software development. Big institutes and software firms such as Microsoft, IBM and so on still rely on the slow paced traditional software development methodologies for the development of their software products.

However, the benefits of the rapid application development methodology […]

What is meant by Orthogonal Array Testing Strategy?

What is meant by Pair-wise Testing?

– It is an effective test case generation technique. – It is based on the fact that faults are caused by interactions of at most two factors.

What is Orthogonal Array Testing Strategy (OATS)?

– It is a black box testing technique. – It is a systematic, statistical way […]

How to incorporate UI design as part of Scrum work, collaboration between Product Owner and UI Designer

If you want to ensure that your product / software application is successful, there are a number of things you need to care of. If you look at the success of many of Apple’s products such as the iPod, the iPad, iTunes, and the iPhone, it is about ensuring that your workflow appeals to customers, […]