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Multiple Scrum teams on the same project – handling the timing of meeting separately ..

Typically, the normal concept of a the Daily Scrum team meetings is that only those people who are Scrum team members would attend the meeting along with the Scrum Master. Others who could attend the meeting include the Product Owner and designers who work with the PO and the team. At the same time, there […]

What are Data Structures? List out the areas in which data structures are applied extensively?

What are Data Structures?

– The data structures prove to be a useful way when it comes to the storage and organization of data in the field of computers. – This way of storing the data makes sure that it is used efficiently. – Different kinds of applications make use of different kinds of data […]

What is meant by Normalization? What are the First, 2nd and 3rd Normal Form?

What is Database Normalization?

– Data base normalization is the process that involves the organization of the tables and fields of an RDB i.e., relational data base in order to minimize the dependency as well as redundancy. – The process of normalization actually involves the division of larger tables in to smaller ones which are […]

When should we test an RDBMS?

The relation model of the data base management system uses a tabular storage system for storing the data. “A data base management system developed on the relational model is termed as the relational data base management system or RDBMS in short form”. Out of all the models available for DBMS this one is the most […]