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What is a digital signature?

About Digital Signature

– Digital signature plays an important role in the field of cryptography. – It is used in digital certificates. – It can be defined as a mathematical scheme used in the demonstration of the authenticity of a document or a digital message. – A digital signature is included so that the receiver […]

What is a certificate authority?

– Certificate authority or CA in short is the entity that is responsible for issuing the digital certificates to the users. – CA is an important part of the cryptography. – The purpose of a digital certificate is to verify the identity of the owner of the public key by means of the named subject. […]

What are digital certificates?

– A digital certificate is another name for the public key certificates. – They are rarely referred to as the identity certificates. – Digital certificates are an integral part of the cryptography. – These are electronic documents that are used for binding the public key to an identity that make use of the digital signatures. […]