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What are some of the limitations of unit testing?

About Unit Testing

– Unit testing is defined as a means or a technique using which the individual units in the code of the program can be tested. – This type of testing lets you combine together the different modules of the program and test them as a group or one single unit. This testing […]

What are advantages and disadvantages of RAD model?

The process of RAD or rapid application development is quite compressed when compared to the expandable nature of the traditional software development methodologies. Fats development and delivery of a new software system or product is the result of such a compressed process only.

There are so many other forms in which the phases of […]

What is meant by Orthogonal Array Testing Strategy?

What is meant by Pair-wise Testing?

– It is an effective test case generation technique. – It is based on the fact that faults are caused by interactions of at most two factors.

What is Orthogonal Array Testing Strategy (OATS)?

– It is a black box testing technique. – It is a systematic, statistical way […]

Bug ageing – why it is important to follow in a software project

First of all, what is bug ageing ? Well, in a very broad sense, bug ageing is the amount of time that a bug is with a certain person. A bug can follow many different paths during its history – the bug can be with a developer, pending for the bug to be fixed. The […]