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Scrum: Forcing the Daily Scrum meeting to end in 15 minutes

The Daily Scrum meeting is an important meeting for those who are part of a Scrum team. The Daily Scrum meeting is the meeting where each team members learns from the other team members about their tasks and their progress; with the 3 stated objectives of the Daily Scrum meeting being: – What has the […]

Trying to optimize on the number of test cases needed for a patch – Part 2

In the previous post on this subject (part 1 of optimizing test cases needed for a patch), we had talked about the compromise between the need for reducing the amount of test cases needed for a patch while ensuring that the quality level of what was released was as good or better than the previous […]

Scrum – Can you extend the Sprint duration midway through a Sprint because of some reason

The Sprint duration is typically a fixed duration, being the same for every such Sprint. Getting a fixed Sprint duration means that the team is able to work out many processes that increase efficiency, allows the Sprint team to develop a rhythm; such fixing of the duration also allows various stakeholders including the ScrumMaster and […]