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Tracking the actual effort spent during a Sprint cycle

For those who have been through various development methodologies of the software development process, there is a prime focus on metrics. One needs to obtain a lot of data, since it is analysis of this data that would help in finding areas that need improvement. After all, when you are looking at the productivity of […]

Estimation: Keeping track of whether people tend to over- or under-promise ..

At the start of every cycle, one of the most critical tasks that a team takes on is about getting a list of features ready for the cycle. So, for this purpose, the Product Manager has a list of features in a specific order of importance (how these features are prioritized is a different post […]

Trying to optimize on the number of test cases needed for a patch – Part 3

In the second part of this series of articles (Difference between Dot and Patch release), I had written about the differences between a dot and patch release, and started talking about the time involved. In this post, I will write more on this topic, especially about the time involved. I mentioned in the previous post, […]

Trying to optimize on the number of test cases needed for a patch – Part 2

In the previous post on this subject (part 1 of optimizing test cases needed for a patch), we had talked about the compromise between the need for reducing the amount of test cases needed for a patch while ensuring that the quality level of what was released was as good or better than the previous […]