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Product Backlog Grooming – Estimates can change during the Sprint Planning

This is yet another situation that could cause a problem with the whole process of the Product Backlog Grooming, unless it has been communicated well with the team. During an ideal Product Backlog Grooming (if there is such a thing as an ideal Backlog Grooming process), the Product Owner would prepare the User Stories for […]

Scrum: Being asked to do an estimate for a big project

This is one of the biggest confusions that teams end up facing, and this is the same question that we had when we started work on using Scrum as the development methodology. When you start getting into estimating and processing per Sprint cycle, how can you actually prepare the estimates for a project for a […]

Scrum: Do as per expectations, but is that less ..

The situation that I am going to describe can be somewhat interesting, and also very frustrating for a scrum team. One of the biggest problems that a Scrum team can face is about getting their estimation right, which means that the team delivers as per what they have estimated, and they continue to do this […]

Scrum – Encouraging team members to object when they feel that task takes too much time ..

One of the biggest problems that teams have faced during Scrum is about tasks increasing in scope more than during the estimation. Such a problem has multiple impacts: – It has a negative impact on other features that would be planned in the ongoing Sprint – It creates a sense of dissonance in the team […]