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What is the need of Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology?

About Power over Ethernet

– PoE or Power over Ethernet gives a description of the standardized system developed for passing electrical power side by side with data over the Ethernet cables. – The major advantage of this technology is that both the data and electricity can be provided to the networking devices such as closed […]

What is meant by propagation delay?

– In general, propagation delay is the time taken by the quantity for reaching its destination. – In the context of computer networks, amount of time taken by the head of the signal to reach to receiver from sender is termed as the propagation delay. – It can be defined as the ration of the […]

What are Ethernet Collisions? What are early and late Ethernet collisions?

People working everyday with networks are familiar with the term ‘collision’.

About Ethernet Collisions

– Any event that takes place over an Ethernet network when two data stations happen to speak simultaneously on the cable is termed as a collision. – Experiencing collisions is a very common thing for an Ethernet network. – Also, […]

Explain Ethernet – a Communication Protocol

All the computer networking technologies working for the local area networks or LANs together constitute a family called Ethernet. – The concept was commercialized in the year of 1980 though it achieved standardization in the year of 1985. – The corresponding standard is IEEE 802.3. – A number of wired LAN technologies have been replaced […]