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Using tools that works best for the team rather than searching for one size fits all in terms of tools ..

There is often conflict between senior management and the team members over the tools that are used for the project, in terms of what the tool offers and the ease of use of the tool. My typical experience with these 2 different sets of stakeholders is that team management looks for a tool that has […]

First set a training duration for your Scrum Sprint, and then move to the final desired duration

I (or rather the group of Scrum Masters in the company) have been asked this question many times – How do you determine the length of the Sprints for a team ? We mostly try never to give an off the cuff answer, instead trying to work with the team through questions and examples, so […]

Some of the properties to look for in a Scrum coach – Part 3

In 2 previous posts, I have been mentioning some of the properties you should be looking for in a Scrum Coach (Which Scrum coach to hire). In this post, I will provide some more inputs on how to hire the best Scrum coach for your organization. – A good Scrum coach will be ready to […]

How does the Scrum team decrease the difference between Capacity and Velocity (contd..) ?

I have been writing a series of posts that talk about how to improve the Velocity of a Scrum team, through getting rid of various items that can reduce the Velocity of the team, as well as steps that can improve the efficiency of the team (How to improve the Velocity of the scrum team). […]