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What are three main types of routing?

Routing can be classified into three major types namely static routing, dynamic routing and the combined static and dynamic routing. In this article we center our discussion up on these 3 routing types.

What is Static Route?

– A route that is configured manually by the router is termed as the static route. – […]

Some of the properties to look for in a Scrum coach – Part 3

In 2 previous posts, I have been mentioning some of the properties you should be looking for in a Scrum Coach (Which Scrum coach to hire). In this post, I will provide some more inputs on how to hire the best Scrum coach for your organization. – A good Scrum coach will be ready to […]

A description of Scrum For Project Managers – some details

The product requirements of Scrum are typically chunked into a small set called a Story, or feature, with a short narrative description, somewhat like a use case or a test case. When you talk to people who are involved in Scrum, you will hear the word ‘Story’ many times. Let us go into more detail […]

Scrum in a very brief nutshell – a set of points along with a brief description

I have written several articles about Scrum, none of them very long or like an essay, but this article will probably be the shortest, since it is more like a slide with a few points (and optional explanation) next to the slide points. Here goes: – Have a prioritized list of requirements: This is essentially […]