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List out the characteristics of Metropolitan Area Network and Wide Area Network?

About Metropolitan Area Network

– The type of computer network that spans a whole city or a very large campus is termed as the metropolitan area network or MAN in short. – A number of LANs (local area networks) when interconnected forms a metropolitan area network. – All these networks are interconnected through a backbone […]

What is a performance testing process?

– Performance testing process requires you to satisfy some pre–requisites of the process. – The build of the system must be stable so as to have a resemblance with the production environment as far as possible. – The environment in which the performance testing is carried out should not be mingled up with the development […]

What is the difference between performance, load and stress testing?

In this article we shall discuss about three major testing methodologies namely performance testing, load testing and stress testing and also the differences between them.

1. Performance Testing

– It is carried out to know the statistics of a software system’s or application’s performance in terms like stability and responsiveness under a number of […]

What is a debugging process?

– Debugging is more of like a methodical process that involves locating and reducing the number of defects, bugs and errors in a software system or application or in an electronic hardware piece. – Debugging makes the software behave in a desired manner. – The degree of coupling of the sub–systems decides the degree of […]