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Getting evaluation from new team about usefulness of Scrum

When a team, that has been working using the traditional Waterfall software development model switches over to the Scrum development methodology, it is a big change. It needs training, some hand holding and some initial periods when the team may not be so effective till it starts getting into its stride and shows an increase […]

Getting the team to be the drivers of a post mortem – getting more importance

For a number of years, we used to follow the policy of ensuring that we do a post-mortem at the end of the project, and ensuring that points raised by team members are tracked, and then required changes implemented. In the interest of time, the way that we would go about the post-mortem was to […]

The need for doing frequent reviews and post-morterms, even for Waterfall projects

For those who are used to the Scrum style methodology of software development, having a meeting at the end of every Sprint cycle that is a retrospective is very useful. You have a team reviewing what all went well, what went bad, and so on; and the biggest benefits are that it lets out some […]

Employee improvement – Focus on the 3-4 important stuff rather than be all over the place

Focusing on improving the performance of your employees is a big contributor for improving the overall performance of the team. When you have a large team (or when you have a small team), you will get people with varying levels of productivity and with their own personal traits. There will be people who will be […]