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What is a Secure Socket Layer?

– Cryptography cannot be achieved without cryptographic protocols. – These protocols are responsible for providing the communication security on internet. – Examples of such protocols are transport layer security (TLS) and secure sockets layer (SSL).

In this article we talk about the latter one i.e., the secure sockets layer. – For authenticating the key exchange, […]

What is a Hashing algorithm?

– Hashing algorithm is another name for the hash functions or subroutines that are used for mapping the data sets of fixed length and data sets of variable length. – For example, the name of an object is of variable length and it could be hashed or mapped to an integer which is of fixed […]

Fiber Optics – a type of transmission media?

– Fiber Optics is the fastest growing transmission media in the field of communication. – An optical fiber is a fiber made up of transparent glass material called silica or sometimes plastic and is quite flexible. – An optical fiber has a thickness somewhat more than a human hair. – It is known to serve […]

Broadband Coaxial Cable – a type of transmission media

The coaxial cables are widely used cable transmission media. These coaxial cables come in two categories namely: the baseband coaxial cables and the broadband coaxial cables. In this article we focus up on the latter type of the coaxial cables i.e., the broadband coaxial cables.

What are Coaxial Cables?

– Coaxial cables are a […]