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What are different firewall topologies?

Firewall topologies are different ways in which you can set up a firewall. The needs of firewall vary from one user to another and therefore different people may require a different set up of firewall. As per your needs, you can either have a very simple set up of the firewall that will cater to […]

What are two types of firewalls?

Depending on the location of the system, different security levels are applied including firewall. One type of firewall is not suitable for all the conditions. Therefore, different types of firewalls have been designed depending up on the following three things: 1. Place at which the communication takes place, 2. Where the communication is intercepted 3. […]

What are different characteristics of a firewall?

What is a Firewall?

– Firewall is considered to be the most important thing when security is the concern. – Firewalls help us to maintain the security of the network that we are using. – They work with the primary objective of controlling the outgoing and incoming traffic via analyzation of the data packets and […]

Quick Tech Tip: Types Of Firewalls

There are several classifications of firewalls depending on where the communication is taking place, where the communication is intercepted and the state that is being traced.

1. Packet Filtering Firewall : A packet filtering firewall will examine the information contained in the header of a packet of information which, is attempting to pass through the […]