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What are mechanisms for mutual exclusion?

It is important in the processing of the processes and threads that it is ensured that any two threads or processes do not coincide with each other i.e., they both do not utilize the critical section simultaneously. Here, critical section is referred to as the duration when a shared resource is accessed by the different […]

What are wireless networks? Give few examples of wireless networks?

Wireless networks have a great application in our day to day lives.

About Wireless Networks

– Any computer network using wireless communication for establishing connections with other networks is termed as a wireless network. – Whenever we hear the term wireless communication, the concept of radio waves comes in to our minds. – It is […]

Explain routing concept in networking?

Routing can be defined as the process of paths selection along which the traffic has to be sent in a network. Routing concept holds good for different kinds of network such as the following: – Telephone networks or circuit switching networks – Electronic data networks or internet – Transportation networks

Here we focus on routing […]

What are basic hardware components of networks? – Part 1

The quality, speed, efficiency etc. of a network all depend to a large extent on its basic hardware components. The hardware components used in networking are called networking equipment or networking hardware. This hardware typically refers to the devices that in a way facilitate the use of an information network. The basic hardware components include […]