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Having help live for multiple previous versions of your software

I have come across some cases where I owned a software and was happy with it. This meant that unless pushed to the limit, I was not really interested in buying a newer version of the software, and even though there were several mails and offers that came to me for newer versions of the […]

What are areas of risk management? What are limitations of risk analysis?

There are various areas where risk management holds very important and this is what we are going to discuss in this article:

1. Enterprise Risk Management: Here the risk in question is the one that has negative influences on an enterprise. The impact of the risks can affect the existence of the enterprise as well […]

Difference between various software testing terms

Here are some similar sounding terms that confuse most people. We need to get more clarity on what the difference between these terms is, so here is an attempt to do that. The Difference Between Quality Assurance, Quality Control, And Testing, explained below. A large number of people are confused about the difference between quality […]

Resources for usability testing

Previous articles covered some details about usability testing. I hope by now I have been able to cover some details of what usability testing is, why it is important, and some tips / issues that one needs to cover. However, there is always more that you can explore, read about, and hence you should have […]