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Introducing new concepts to the Scrum team – discuss, discuss

There are certain concepts that take a lot of time to seep through, especially when all previous experience has been on one type of methodology. For those who have long experiences of working on Waterfall or other methods, getting into being comfortable with the usage of Scrum is easier said than done. One comes across […]

Scrum: Encouraging people to raise impediments in the Daily Scrum

The Daily Scrum is one of the most important meetings that are held as part of the Scrum development methodology, and since they are held on every working day, they are also the most frequent meeting that happens. What happens in the Daily Scrum ? Each team member provides an update to the team on […]

Scrum: When the team says that they don’t want to do a retrospective (contd..)

This turned out to be a topic that is taking more than a single post. The initial post (Team does not want to do a retrospective) talked about a team where the team members stated that they felt that they felt that there was no need for them do a retrospective at the end of […]

List out the characteristics of Domain Name System?

What is Domain Name System?

– In inter-networking, there is a requirement of associating various domain names of the participating entities with a large amount of diverse information. – This requirement is fulfilled by a distributed naming system for computers as well as other resources bearing a connection with a private network or the internet. […]