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Myth: complete testing is possible

There is a myth that complete testing is possible. The reality is given below.

– It becomes an issue when a client or a tester thinks that the complete testing is possible. – It is possible that all paths have been tested by the team but the occurrence of complete testing is never possible. – […]

What is the difference between usability and user interface testing?

User interface testing and Usability testing are two testing methodologies that have much importance to the customers. The basic difference between these two is that the usability testing is a type of non-functional testing technique whereas the user interface testing falls under the class of functional testing techniques.

In simple words, the user interface testing […]

What is user interface testing?

– User interface (UI) testing or GUI (graphical user interface) testing is defined as the process involving testing of the GUI of the software product. – Testers perform this testing process for ensuring that their software system meets the specifications stated by the client. – For this purpose, they may use a variety of test […]

What is meant by Inter – Process communication?

– During execution in multiprocessor systems or systems using multi–threading technology, processes and threads often need to communicate with each other. – They require for maintaining synchronization i.e., they need to know how much each other have accomplished. – If the operating system allows these threads and processes to communicate, they would crash or hang […]