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What are features of Static NAT? What exactly does it do?

There is a type of NAT that includes mapping of a private IP address to a public IP address. The public address is always the same IP address. This is termed as the static NAT. This same address is called the static IP address.

– With the static NAT, an internal host (like a […]

What are different concepts of Network Address Translation (NAT)?

NAT or Network address Translation provides one–to–one translation of the IP addresses. This is usually called as the basic NAT or one–to–one NAT. In this type, only the following things that include the IP address can be changed:

IP header checksum Any other checksum of higher level

– The rest of the packet is not […]

What is CSMA/ CD?

The carrier sense multiple access with collision detection or the CSMA/ CD is a method for the media access control which makes use of the following: 1. A carrier sensing scheme 2. A transmitting data station

– The purpose of the transmitting station is detecting the other signals while a frame is already under the […]

What is meant by IP Routing Process?

The Process of IP Routing

– There is a characteristic feature of this process that it does not changes with the size of the network. – The way it is implemented is same throughout all types and sizes of the network. For example : – There are 2 networks namely A and B. – There […]