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About International Standard ISO/IEC 25000:2005

ISO/IEC 25000: 2005 standard was created for providing the guidance regarding the usage of the new series of the international standards commonly called as SQuaRE. Full form for this acronym is “software product quality requirements and evaluation”.

Overview of SQuaRE

– It offers the following things:

Terms and definition Reference model General guide Individual […]

What is a Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)?

– CRC is the short form for cyclic redundancy check and is used as an error detection code. – CRC finds its largest use in the storage devices and digital networks for the detection of the accidental changes that might have caused to the data during its transmission. – When the blocks of data enter […]

Scrum: Raising issues at the Daily Scrum or after ..

This one issue is turning out to generate more posts that I thought. I started having a discussion with some office colleagues about this one, and it turned out to be an issue that did not have some clear answers. How are impediments resolved and who does resolve the impediments. Further, should there be a […]

Keeping more intense discussions / problem solving discussions for beyond the Daily Scrum meeting ..

We would all have seen this happen. It is a natural human tendency. During the Daily Scrum meeting, a team members explains an impediment to the rest of the team, and a couple of them nod their heads, others would have the tendency to add nuances, and others would start suggesting solutions. Now, this is […]