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What is an Iterative Model? What are the phases in iterative model?

Iterative model is a representation of a combination of both iterative method and incremental build model. Both these development methodologies together make up the iterative model. With the iterative model, it has been possible to have more than one iterations of software development at the same time. The approach thus followed by this model is […]

What is a spiral model? What are steps involved in this model?

There arose a need in the area of the software development to have a combined advantage of bottom up approach and top down concepts. Eventually, a software development process was developed which had the combined advantage plus it also combined the elements of the prototyping in stages and design. This model is now popularly known […]

Details of Iterative Software Development

Iterative software development is based on developing a software system incrementally. This allows the people involved to learn from learnings of the previous steps. With each iteration, more subsets of the overall specification are developed, and clarity in specifications and design from previous iterations are plugged in. This way, the system moves towards being closer […]

Iterative Development Model – A brief outline

Iterative software development became more prominent as some of the weaknesses of the waterfall development process became more apparent; this being the inability of the Waterfall development methodology to take requirements changes that come in after the requirements phase has been frozen. It has been observed over a period of time, whether there be restrictions […]