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Ensuring decimals and date formats are correct in language versions of software

When a software is designed by a company that is based in the United States, there is sometimes not enough care taken to ensure that region specific modifications are done before the software is released in Europe and other regions. These can in turn get the software in problem with both consumers and regulators in […]

Why Software Testing Experts use Test Execution Tools for Automation?

What are Test Execution Tools?

– Test execution tools are known by different names such as test running tools, test automation tools, capture and replay tools, test play back tools and so on. – These tools are widely used for automating the testing processes which is not less than a nightmare for the developers. – […]

What is Data Format Description Language (DFDL)?

What is Data Format Description Language developed?

– DFDL or Data Format Description Language was originally known as the open grid forum. – Presently, it is defined as a modeling language that is used to give a description of general text as well as binary data in a standardized way. – Using a data format […]

What are basic principles of data structures? What language supports data structures?

Basic Principles of Data Structures

– Data structures are based on the computer system’s ability of fetching and storing the data at and from any place in the memory. – It is specified by a unique address which can further be manipulated by the software system or application. – Data structures like arrays and records […]