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How to test a RDBMS? What are the steps involved in testing RDBMS? – Part 1

The mission critical data is what that is persisted by the relational data base management system which in turn is updated by the other software systems or applications and many of the end users. Further important functionality are implemented by the relational data base management systems in the form of data base methods and data […]

What is an Iterative Model? What are the phases in iterative model?

Iterative model is a representation of a combination of both iterative method and incremental build model. Both these development methodologies together make up the iterative model. With the iterative model, it has been possible to have more than one iterations of software development at the same time. The approach thus followed by this model is […]

Testing start process – Design Phase

Testing start process revolves around the development process of a software product or the system. Though testing is not counted as a separate phase in the SDLC or software development life cycle but it is a critical and inseparable part of the whole development process. Testing start process is carried out at the end of […]

Learning about scrum through a video

Scrum is a project management technique, one of the Agile development technologies. It is a fairly more recent technology, and has been increasingly adopted by more companies. There is a concept that scrum is meant for smaller teams, but it is erroneously thought that larger products cannot be built with scrum. For a scrum team, […]