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What are different characteristics of VTP (Virtual Trunk Protocol)?

– VTP (virtual trunk protocol) or VLAN trunking protocol was developed by the Cisco Systems as a proprietary protocol. – This protocol was developed with the purpose of propagating the VLAN (virtual local area network) definition to whole physical LAN. – For achieving this, VLAN information is carried by this protocol to all the switches […]

What are VLAN networks?

– For creating multiple distinct broadcast domains, a single 2 layer network might be divided in computer networking. – The domains thus created exist in mutual isolation with each other and therefore the data packets can pass between them through the routers only. – These domains are nothing but VLANs or virtual local networks. – […]

List out the characteristics of Local Area Network?

LAN or local area network is one of the types of computer networks. This type lets you establish a network in a limited area such as in a school, laboratory, office or home using any of the communication technologies available.

Characteristics of Local Area Network

The characteristics that define a local area network and […]

List out the characteristics of Campus Area Network and Backbone Area Network?

About Campus Area Network

– A campus area network (CAN) or campus network or corporate area network is a type of computer network formed by the interconnections of various local area networks (LANs). – However, this type of network is limited to a certain geographical area. – The transmission media & networking equipment involved are: […]