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Scrum: Role of the managers in the department after introduction of Scrum

Before a team changes over to using Scrum as their development methodology, the role of the managers tend to be critical. They are typically busy the whole time (even though the team would joke about the manager pushing the team hard and relaxing themselves); this gets to be very critical when the schedule is under […]

What is meant by memory management?

Memory management is about managing the memory of the computer system.

“Providing ways for the dynamic allocation of the memory blocks to the applications when they request for it and freeing these blocks after use so that they can be again used by some other processes forms an essential part of the memory management concept”. […]

What are fundamentals of Big Bang Model?

Nowadays, we have a whole gang of models for the development of software systems and applications each one giving a challenge to the others. So many development models provide us with so many different techniques and features to handle the development of a software system or application.

In this article we discuss about one […]

Some details about Software Configuration Management?

What is Software Configuration management?

– It is an art of coordinating the development of software in order to minimize confusion. – It is an umbrella activity applied throughout the process. – It identifies, controls, audits and reports the changes that occur during the development of software.

What are different elements of Configuration Management?

– […]